Body Treatments

These traditional Ayurvedic treatments cleanse and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Ayurvedic body treatments possess many mental and physical benefits. One of the unique differences in Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments is the use of warm herbal oils. These oils are prepared according to ancient classical texts.

All therapeutic treatments offered at the Earthsong  Ayurveda clinic are practiced according to traditional guidelines and procedures. This ensures that you will receive an authentic treatment with profound and lasting benefits.

Abhyanga: Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage

A rejuvenating full body massage combined with the application of warm medicated oils specific to your constitution and the season.

Marma Abhyanga: Therapeutic Massage with ancient pressure point therapy

Marma points are ancient Ayurvedic pressure points. They are traditionally used as tools to unlock and release obstructions in the channels of body and mind. This treatment combines the basic abhyanga with the activation of these potent pressure points.

Shirodhara: Soothing warm oil head treatment to calm the mind

Warm oil containing nervine herbs streams rhythmically over the forehead to relieve stress and anxiety. It is also wonderful for all sleep disorders.

Abhyanga and Shirodhara: The ultimate rejuvenation

This blissful and rejuvenating treatment begins with the traditional therapeutic massage, ushering you into a state of total relaxation.

Then this peaceful state is transformed into bliss as we transition into the Shirodhara treatment.  This is a complete healing ritual to unite the body and mind.

All the above treatments conclude with a grounding head massage.

Kati Basti: Hot oil treatment for musculo-skeletal ailments

Analgesic oil is placed in a well made of black lentil flour on the affected site and then warmed to a specific temperature to relax the stiff muscles and open the obstructed nerve channels. Concludes with back massage and a ginger compress.

This is an effective therapeutic treatment for conditions like frozen shoulder, sciatica, sports injuries, herniated discs, lower back pain etc.

All treatments conclude with a cup of Ayurvedic chai or herbal tea so you can relax and integrate before driving.

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“Rebecca’s Shirodhara treatment is one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. It is relaxing on a very deep level, a feeling that stays with you for much longer than the treatment.

I also really appreciate that it is not an experience that you “float away” from, but a healing that is very grounded and leaves you feeling nurtured and balanced.

Rebecca is a truly gifted practitioner; she communicates through the treatment a beautiful sense of the sacredness of this ancient practice.”

-A.H, Yoga Teacher

” I commenced a series of Kati Basti treatments with Rebecca due to an acute SI joint injury that had me practically bed ridden. Every movement was painful and the condition was severely affecting my quality of life.

After just one treatment, I stood up straight with almost no pain at all. At the conclusion of the treatment series, I had regained complete range of movement and the debilitating pain had all but disappeared.

It has been months since my last treatment and I am still completely pain-free.

I also appreciated Rebecca’s home care advice that has empowered me to prevent the problem from re-occuring in the future.”


Suffering from chronic and then acute depression brought on by surgery I shared my desperation with Rebecca who suggested the Shirodhara treatment.
I have been getting regular massages for years but the treatment was like nothing I had ever experienced mentally, physically or emotionally.
I can share that I felt totally balanced and centred after my treatment and for a few days after as well for the first time in years!
A treatment with so many benefits seems almost magical in its properties but I can say I experienced a little bit of magic in my world after getting the Shirodhara treatment from Rebecca.
I can not thank her enough! The Ayurvedic principles are so gentle yet powerful at the same time.
I will definitely be making this treatment a regular occurrence in my healing routine into the future.”

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