In an Earthsong Ayurveda consultation, Rebecca will carry out a detailed assessment of your current state and body type. You will then be prescribed a complete diet and lifestyle program to help you come back to true balance and wellness. In Ayurveda, this is achieved by balancing the three doshas.

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The doshas are the three bodily intelligences; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They are the governing forces behind every mental and physical function. In a balanced state, they are responsible for radiant health and vitality.

When the doshas become imbalanced due to our diet and lifestyle, they create chaos and disharmony in the body and mind. This imbalance, if unchecked, leads inevitably to the confusion of cellular intelligence and disease manifestation.

At the conclusion of your consultation will be provided with a detailed and comprehensive diet and lifestyle program, which will be emailed to you following your consultation. This program will include all your daily regimes, dietary guidelines and recipes.

An Earthsong Ayurveda Healing Program is typically 3 months in duration. During this time, you will receive monthly follow up consultations. Rebecca may also recommend regular  body treatments to deepen the healing process.

Phone Consultations are also available.


Hi Rebecca. This is my opportunity to thank you so very much for all you have done for me via your wonderful advice and guidance you gave me numerous years ago.

Slowly slowly, as prescribed , I have introduced the regimes you suggested into my life and have benefited so greatly from them.
When the going gets tough or busy the lentils are on high rotation and I am almost complete vegetarian these days as a result of this nourishing diet.
I take no medication or vitamins these days because I have no need and my menstrual cycle is excellent. Thank you Rebecca. With much gratitude.


I went to see Rebecca as I was suffering from monthly urinary tract infections, low energy, painfully blocked sinuses and a suspected hormone imbalance. I had been to see various naturopaths and doctors with no success. I also suffered from extreme sensitivity to gluten and dairy.

 Rebecca designed a holistic program for me that included daily regimes, diet changes, herbal remedies and body treatments.

 Well, it has been 6 months since I started seeing Rebecca. I have not had a single UTI, I wake up feeling energized and I am free from the regular painful sinus problems. I am much more stable hormonally.

 I am also very happy to say that with Rebecca’s guidance and extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition, I am now able to have wheat and dairy products with no reaction whatsoever. Rebecca carefully introduced these foods into my diet with specific instructions on how to prepare them so that my body could digest them.

 Being a chef for 17 years it has been a welcome change to prepare and cook food using Ayurvedic principles. And so yummy! Thank you so much Rebecca.”