Ayurvedic Cooking

By learning to harness nature’s healing power through specific cooking methods, we are able to transform food into medicinal nourishment that can provide a wholesome foundation for lasting health.


Ayurvedic cooking enhances the knowledge of the healing qualities in every ingredient commonly used in the kitchen. Every grain, pulse, seed, spice and vegetable possesses certain attributes. Our bodies, and the world around us, also possess specific qualities. By understanding the inherent nature of various foods, we can prepare a meal in such a way that it becomes as medicine.

An Ayurveda, cooking is seen as a kind of alchemy. It teaches us to combine and cook ingredients with the awareness of how each method will impact the dish we are making and the health of those consuming it. This impact will in turn either kindle the digestive fire or cause it to diminish. By knowing the inherent nature of  foods, the Ayurvedic cook can transmute a substance that would be poison into a nectar of healing.

In an Earthsong Ayurveda cooking lesson or group workshop, you will be guided through the process of consciously preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. The unique benefits of various kitchen herbs and how to adjust your meals to suit different seasons will be explained. A delicious Ayurvedic meal in a beautiful environment completes your experience.

Rock and Roll 

“My partner and I completed a two day cooking course with Rebecca at her beautiful get away. Walked in to a very earthy grounding feeling immediately. The cooking class was set up outdoors with cushions and a comfy and relaxing atmosphere. Rebecca has a very warm approach and is a pleasure to be around.
 We begin the cooking starting with knowledge about Ayurveda and progressing through from the easiest to more complex recipes. Everything was explained In great detail ensuring we would all walk away with great knowledge to put into practice. We all sat down and would give thanks for the day before starting our meal, the meals tasted absolutely amazing.
 Myself coming from very bad digestive issues, the meals were large however felt very light and very nourishing. My partner and I went home feeling very grounded and immediately begin putting our techniques to practice. We walked away with a great cook book with many different recipes to suit both of us. We have adopted all the beautiful cooking techniques Rebecca has taught us and our digestion and entire physical feeling has never been better.
 Any one who is interested in learning more about Ayurveda and the cooking and lifestyle methods, don’t think twice. Rebecca’s cooking school will put you on an amazing path which will really change your life! “

-M.D., Personal Trainer



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